Season 1 Finale - When cooler heads prevail

In this final episode of season one, Mr. Anderson wonders why the nation feels the need reserve the right  to overreact in situations that are bound to cause a overreaction.

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Episode 8 - Chemical X Serum

In this shorter than normal episode, Mr.Anderson is talks about aspects of activism. He also tells his story of how he became an activist. The episode is very thought provoking with a rather silly ending.

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Sp Episode - Generation Y Hour Special

In this Zigzagging episode of A Dose of Reality, Mr. Anderson talks about figures from his generation. He also dares to think that his generation could be the new generation of founders . This episode also touches on some of everything from conspiracies, to assassins, and even religion. It also has a decent chance to make you mad at him... Again. or completely confuse you.

Let me know what you think of the new format, yay or nay?

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Episode 7 - Forbidden Thoughts

This month's episode, I talked about the beginning of the Military industrial complex, The million mask march on the 5th, and  some other stories related to the war on drugs. Listen now, and feel free to share! This podcast is available on iTunes and stitcher radio!

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Episode 6 - True Journalism

On this weeks episode, Mr. Anderson goes in on the Mainstream media and just they are a HUGE part to blame for the antics in Washington. I also go over the long awaited scheduling for this show. I promise I will stick to it. Listen Now! This show is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

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Shut down update!

Hello everyone this is a UPDATE! Been busy and I did touch on the shutdown just for a second but there. Listen now!
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Special Presentation - Dare to Dream

I'm daring you to dream of a corrupt free system. Is it possible? Are Human inherently corrupt? I discussed all of those. This is will get your mind thinking. Listen now! We are on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

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Episode 5 - The Blame Game

Today, I looked at some alternative views on what role we play in our own tyranny.
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New update as to whats going on and link to the new podcast? oh and this podcast is back on iTunes

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Episode 4 - Intro to Political Manipulation

A Dose Of Reality is back folks! This here is a intro class in to the Political Manipulation that you see ever where. Make sure you not late to class. Oh make sure to share this with friends. We are on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!
It did not make it into the show But I just found out that bradley manning will get 35 years. We fill for you Bradley. Everyone feel free to express what you want in the comment section

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